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Friday, January 28, 2011
The "Talented" Kardashians
Mood:  surprised
Topic: Great Interviews

The Kardashians 

Hi Friends,

In tuning in on CNN and Piers Morgan last night, I had never heard of his guests Kim and Kourtney Kardashian. In the preludes to the interview I had found it strange when he asked them about being called “Talentless” and how they felt about that.

They're not movie stars, Well that was unique! What? They were entrepreneurs.. Now! I listened, interested about them, Kourtney Kardashians' recorded home birth was shown, among other things. .... Cool! I was born naturally and outside of a hospital too, delivered by my father though

..........Wow! So...They're Real People?

Then as the conversation was turned to money, Kim's reply was priceless! Her highly dignified response of playing down their net worth of millions of dollars, shows such CLASS ... but then also including that her 'tithe of her increase' went to the church. Continuing with, that her mother had started a church which she supported in gifts of money. Unbelievable! So Genuine! Bringing a trace of mist to my eyes... oh... no I'm a man!

Because it had me think of tithing and the blessing that it spawned in return when given by a loving heart in pure charity by my experience, and how I had drifted away from that... When her sister ------ Kourtney said that she was going to start tithing too, after Piers asked her if she did... cool I thought. Me too.... Real Tears now!

Because, my thoughts focused on what would be my cause, in terms of tithe from my expected increase in income from the injection system, which I feel is just on the horizon (finally) and with all expectation of it to go to commercial.

I'm confident, because I think it will be warmly received by the consumer, (when they get to find out about it) since it will bring both an attractive +25% saving in the nations Oil usage and energy costs, while reducing air pollution by more than half, at the same time ... and adaptable to every ones home and auto!

A Glimmer of light for a desperate world.... Just what the we need, and it has the earmark of Gods perfect timing too, for a USA that is ready and waiting for this, with a, sluggish economy, a workforce needing Jobs... Jobs... Jobs. And to include a shift to GREEN in a world reeling from pollution = Hope.

OK, back to the tithe... yes... it reminded me of when my brother Henry told me about his personal heartfelt cause, telling me, how he helped as he could by money donation to a group that was treating people with Leprosy. “They don't stand a chance in _ _ _ _” he said and continued with “They are just quarantined and then left to die as they watch their body succumb to the virus” How Horrid! I thought ... and I remember the next thought too ...

If ever I could ...

I'd sponsor a world wide drive to eradicate civilization of this pestilence once and for all if at all possible ... in honour of my dear late brother.... (I miss him a lot, you know...)

But as the interview continued, I became even more amazed at these unassuming and wonderful young ladies, with their composure and inherent substance showing and becoming more evident with each answer. Then listening to them relate the respect they have for their grandmother and her drive, including her advancement to the use of text to send her brilliant insights to her granddaughters, was so heart warming.

Near the end of the interview Kim politely asked their followers to tweet Piers and follow him to raise him to 50th in rank of most followers What a great gift to give...! So selfless! ... How Sweet!.... You Rock!... No wonder why everyone adores you!

However, to me the most assuring, unassuming statement in the entire interview was made by Kim in my view, when she stated that, “If we lost it all, our family would still be together and in support of each other” ....

..... Now That Is Incredible!

You are a delight! ... and My Hat is off to you! .. Wishing you every success in your newest location!

May the love, kindness, class and charity you exude, come back to you in multiples!


Willy Ens.

(an adoring follower)

My choice of Quote for the day;

The difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing, ... would suffice to solve most of the worlds problems.

Mohandas Mohatma Gahndi

Posted by wecando101 at 11:00 AM HST
Updated: Saturday, April 16, 2011 12:33 AM HDT
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Thursday, January 27, 2011
You're Cramping My Style!
Mood:  irritated
Topic: Postings on Websites


My Diluted Oprah Response


Hi friends,


Have you ever composed a literary presentation where you wanted to explain a specific situation to others, then when you got to the 'website' you were faced with a 'response form' where the space allowed for your 'my message' is half the size needed to include all of the 'my story' you had written?


That was my situation yesterday, when I had composed a detailed and flowing composition, (meticulously over the previous several days,) that I thought explained my self and my concerns quite adequately. It turned out to be 4175 characters and totalling 727 words. However, the space allotted for 'my story' meant that I had to reduce it to 2000 characters or less otherwise the site just wouldn't let me post it, (believe you me I tried it many times before I capitulated and finally, in frustration, condensed my presentation). But by cutting it to down to less than half the words, it lost a lot of the feeling that was crucial, I think, to what I needed to portray, so I have re-posted it here in its' entirety, with the parts that I forwarded in my 'website response' high lighted.


Please read both then compare them and I think you will agree that the result the reader is left with is quite a bit different in the long version than in the condensed one.


You,+President Obama, +Me = Love, +Hope, +Charity

(This was supposed to be the Title)


Only Words


They're,... only words,

but words are all I have,

to turn your head my way.


Yes,... only words,

but words are what I have,

to tell my thoughts today.

Willy Ens.



Hi Oprah,

I hope that you will recognize me as 'the third' message bearer, the one with the message of “Charity in abundance” led by your message of “Love 4 All” and President Obamas beam of “Hope 4 us”.


- In watching your interview with Piers Morgan on CNN, and listening when you were being asked by him, what your “Brand” is, I understand that you determined it to be “LOVE”.

I agree... You show true love, that becomes exponentially multiplied in all who watch you.

- In the part of the interview where it showed you introducing “The Audacity of Hope” in the person and personality of the then to be “President Obama” during the 2008 Presidential election.

I agree ... He brought hope, has us believe, and, we are all being rewarded everyday!.

Since I do and want to believe that “Love, Hope, and Charity” is more than just a cute phrase with a nice ring , but rather a sacred trinity in my Gods' want and will for us;

-That I want to bring the message I was given; one of there being “Charity for all, from our abundance” too, through (Gods') timely enlightenment for all of us, again a trinity;.

1) -Letting us reduce wasted energy,

2) -Make us reduce pollution,

3) -And drive a major shift into green .... Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!

For millions of people ... From blue collar to executive CEO! ... Including the USA, Canada, Europe, in the third world and all developing / eastern block countries!

Savings are savings and savings are money, so getting 'something for nothing' and one of the most basic of human instincts, GREED will actually drive it all!



However, providing this true economic motivation while being able to think of ourselves to be more like the respectful, deserving, good and proper stewards of our Earths' limited natural resources, we should be, would be nice. I think, this would be a complete about face from the unsettling 'competition to consume' prevalent currently, while we dread what we know full well, that there are inevitable limits, plus in adding this 'stemming of the waste' as a coincidental 'freebee'; it could be welcomed as the needed 'pacifying of our minds' for the masses, lending the sense of 'A Future of Hope' to the world as it were.


This is the URL of the website explaining the general concept of my innovation,


On the website about this breakthrough, I reveal that we can reduce fuel consumption by 25% and remove All yes! 100% of the water soluble pollution from the exhaust gases of any internal combustion engine before it clears the motors' tailpipe (requiring only very small changes be made to the motor, yes we really could fix any/all of the existing motors too!).


Also, by using the same basic technology how we can increase home heating, fuel efficiency, by at least 90%, and again strip off ALL, yes! 100%, of the water soluble pollution from the exhaust gases of the conventional home heating system, plus how using this arrangement will provide stand-a-lone electricity for the house as well, making it so that it could operate independently. Not necessarily needing power grid supplied electrical energy to keep us warm anymore, but instead being capable of uploading trace electricity to the grid, to keep others warm! In An Emergency


I hope you can that see this contribution of my innovation to the world is in the true sense charity, going by all of the people that I can envision who would benefit in good, honourable, and productive jobs, but also that we really will need, and could sure use everybody's' help in changing our approach, use and purpose, on this earth! ...... While We Still Can!


Feel free to ask me any questions that you might have, I'd feel privileged to answer them.

Please reply by e-mail, or you call me anytime at your convenience,

My Cell # is (250) 254 – 1849

With high regard and great respect, I Remain;

Your friend

Willy Ens.





Posted by wecando101 at 9:35 AM HST
Updated: Saturday, April 16, 2011 12:12 AM HDT
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