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Effective "ACID RAIN" Pollution Removal from Engine Exhaust

Add-on Green Energy, Heat & Electrical Generation

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'Green Heat' Generation

The starting point in investigating the best energy potential here, was by focusing on where the energy is released. That is within the combustion chamber of the engine, when immediately after ignition of the fuel/air charge, and during the resulting explosion, ALL of the heat, light and explosive force are released. It is at this time when the heat energy is released that it can be most effectively influenced.

Logically, to cause effects in parallel with the engines purpose of producing torque from the detonation and explosion of the fuel/air mixture on the piston top that drives it downward, would require a subsequent explosion. And, although the detonation energy from the fuel explosion has dissipated, the heat energy from combustion is still available, which is harnessed in this case, to cause a further explosion force on the piston. Accomplished here by supplying a precisely metered amount of water, injected into the combustion cylinder immediately after the fuel charge has exploded and has exerted its force. As the piston moves down the cylinder to about the halfway point, the expanding volume causes the pressure to drop and is when the water explodes to steam due to absorbing the heat energy. Thus providing this subsequent “steam” explosion needed, in parallel to and following the fuel explosion, that increases the engines' fuel efficiency and energy output.

The exhaust is now composed of the products of the fuel combustion plus being saturated with the steam from the second explosion, but still contains almost all of the heat originally released. As the heat is removed for home heating, the resulting condensation of the water vapor in the exhaust condenses and also brings with it all of the “Green House Gases” (GHGs’) that Acid Rain has in it by falling through our Earths’ atmosphere.

Conceivably, the GHGs' are much more effectively “Scrubbed out ” directly out of the exhaust in the case of the engine though, due to the pollutants immediate confinement, in higher concentration, and through the enforced condensation.


Major concerns addressed;

  • Reduce Dependence on aging power grids (Excellent timing! under the NEW threat of ICE Storms! In the North Eastern USA and Canada)

  • Increase home heating fuel conversion efficiency ( by a minimum 90% through electrical generation, expected up to 115% through The Green Heat Generator )

  • Reduce GHG pollution from home heating systems (When this Direct Water Injection system is incorporated complete with Heat Extraction/ Condenser)

  • Stop escalating heating costs from becoming financially crippling (through reduced World Demand)